Just how important is product packaging for your brand?

  • The way your product is packaged is one of the most vital factors in how your product is marketed.  It also plays a major role in the success of your marketing strategy and overall sales.

    Every year a high percentage of new products fail. Why? Because most customers simply don’t have the time to scrutinise a product and will go for the easiest way to make their purchasing decision – a product’s packaging.

    So, why is packaging SO critical?

    Packaging basically set’s your product - and consequently your brand - apart from any other product similar to yours.

    Consumers will judge a product by the way it is presented to them and then decide whether they want to buy it or not. For instance, let’s say you want to buy a box of chocolates. Of course you know what brand tastes good but isn’t it usually the actual box the chocolates are presented in that entices you to make that purchase?

    But it’s not only about the looks.  Packaging is also about how well a product’s features and benefits are communicated. Customers today rarely have the time to read through small print that to you may be very informative so a package that tells its story through images and icons is going to grab their attention far better.

    What other factors need to be taken into consideration?

    Innovative Design

    Dynamic packaging enhances a product. Poorly designed and cheaply manufactured packaging does not.  It comes at a much higher cost in the long run because your product simply won’t get the attention it deserves in that it won’t sell.

    Packaging Influences Senses

    Think about a recent trip to the supermarket - facing hundreds of products. What makes you choose one? The answer is emotion, need or desire. Without consciously thinking packaging forces us to judge, remember and relate.

    And a product that triggers one of the senses is definitely going to get more attention than one that does not. The design of a product’s packaging is vital in that it reaches the customer through their sense of sight whereas the colour, the picture on the box, or the pretty ribbon all have an effect on the way we feel. It may remind you of a certain time in your life or make you smile because that friend would love that colour.

    Imagine a product design that also reaches customers through smell, taste and sound.  Packaging that allows the customers to touch or smell a product before they buy it will definitely give you an advantage.

    Brand Experience

    The packaging of a product is in essence the beginning of the customer’s brand experience. And you’ll want to make sure that it is innovative enough to be able to speak your brand’s voice.  

    At Dynamec we understand the importance of packaging for your brand and can assist you at every stage of the product branding process, from conceptualisation to developing the design and ultimately its manufacture and delivery.