How Safe Is Our Food in The Packaging It’s Stored In?

  • What do you really know about the packaging your food is found in?

    Have you ever stopped for a moment and considered what the material that surrounds our food is made of, how it effects the food it touches or its impact on your health - and the wider environment?

    Think about the extensive array of food packaging that bombards you in every supermarket you visit.

    Can Colour Compel a Consumer To Choose Your Product Over Another?



    The colour that you use when creating the packaging of your product is a very critical factor in its overall success within a consumer driven market.

    The reason for this is the emotion that colours evoke.  Or as Designrfix says, because colours have their own psychology.

    What this means is that people associate a particular meaning to a particular colour and this meaning changes not only from person to person, but also from culture to culture.