40 Years Dynamec

The leading Company for packaging in Cyprus.
Celebrating 40 years of dedication, innovation and customer-driven philosophy, Dynamec continues to be the market leader in innovative, high-quality packaging solutions to the F&B sector and more.
Dynamec’s on-going commitment is to continuously address its customers’ changing needs through its complete range of up-to-date premium quality packaging products, coupled with its excellent and highly responsive personalised service.
  • 1979    Company establishment and production of thermoformed trays
  • 1989    Production of transparent and paper boxes
  • 1999    Commencement of Contract Packing Services
  • 2009    Specialisation in food-service packaging products 
  • 2018    Opening of showroom in the centre of town
  • 2019    Second generation takes the lead and expands specialisation in eco-friendly packaging products and services
Always at the forefront of global developments and environmental responsibility, Dynamec proudly offers the most comprehensive range of eco-friendly packaging solutions, including plant-based compostable food-service products made from natural materials such as corn starch, sugar cane, bamboo and avocado seeds.
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