Comatec Boko Twist

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BKW7Comatec Boko Twist (ø65mm, h35mm 70ml, 90)ø65mm, h35mm 70ml90
BKW13Comatec Boko Twist (Ø66,h61mm 130ml, 23)Ø66,h61mm 130ml23
BKW26Comatec Boko Twist (Ø85,h63mm 260ml, 32)Ø85,h63mm 260ml32
BKW45Comatec Boko Twist (Ø96,h80mm 450ml, 36)Ø96,h80mm 450ml36
CBW66Comatec Boko Twist (Ø66, 90)Ø6690
CBW63Comatec Boko Twist (Ø66, 69)Ø6669
CBW82Comatec Boko Twist (Ø82, 64)Ø8264
CBW100Comatec Boko Twist (Ø100, 72)Ø10072
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