Pani Moulds

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PMM1Pani Mould Tiny82x69x43mm500
PMM2Pani Mould Tom Pouce115x60x35mm500
PMM2LCardboard Lid for Tom Pouce100
PMM3Pani Mould Petit Prince120x95x35mm400
PMM3LCardboard Lid for Petit Prince100
PMM4Pani Mould Prince140x95x50mm240
PMM4LCardboard Lid for Prince100
CPPRISPani Mould Prince Additional Liner120
PMM5Pani Mould Baronnet175x75x50mm175
PMM5LCardboard Lid for Baronnet100
PMM6Pani Mould Marquis175x110x40mm200
PMM6LCardboard Lid for Marquis100
PMM7Pani Mould Duc175x110x60mm100
PMM7LCardboard Lid for Duc100
PMM8Pani Mould Baron205x110x60mm100
PMM8LCardboard Lid for Baron100
PMM9Pani Mould Archiduc240x115x70mm100
PMM10Pani Mould Comtesse115x110x70mm200
PMM10LCardboard Lid for Comtesse100
PMM11Pani Mould Comte135x110x75mm160
PMM11LCardboard Lid for Comte100
PMM12Pani Mould Lady170x145x45mm100
PMM12LCardboard Lid for Lady100
PMM13Pani Mould Sire210x145x45mm100
PMM13LCardboard Lid Sire100
PMM14Pani Mould Vicomte290x80x45mm100
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